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Innovative development power is borne by the free and flexible way of thinking to create hard & soft products with taking needs of society broadly.

The various awards are proofs of the ability as a developed type company.

All kinds of gas supply products are demanded to develop under extremely strict regulations;therefore,the way of thinking needs to be flexible and broad more. ITO Corporation's surpass development power have been brought up in this free surroundings. These evaluations given to the high technical and development power of us tell that our company efforts for contribution to society are accepted as "safety and security for our gas-life"

ITO Corporation was awarded ISO 9001 in June 1998. With the passion and the aspiration for making supreme products, maintenance of a quality system and an improvement, we contribute to society as hard as possible.

ITO Corporation has obtained the title of ISO 9001 at Head Office, Plant, Shiga Plant, Technical Center and all branch offices. (except for Kanagawa Office)
<ISO Certified Products>
Regulators, Governors, Valves, Automatic gas shut-off device,Vaporizer, High pressure collecting device,High-pressure hose,Gas generator,Strainer

We have various committees for presentation of improving management and production development. We need to construct firm corporate culture to survive in this big competitive age.

ITO Corporation has considered that the opportunity of thinking ; how each should cope with and act for the current environment as "plus one" activity is required. There are various committees, which consist of staff chosen as representation of each section, and these ideas are positively reflected in management.

Our corporate slogan is "Refine ITO".
All staffs are forward looking attitude.

Refine ITO-Our motto is, further leap, define aim in life,and work worth in company.We always keep having decided and having been decided so that it makes basic soul. We continue to work on aiming at activation in the company.