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Since its inception in 1953, ITO Corporation has maintained a company philosophy of maintaining a quality-first outlook, building up a strong corporate culture to allow the company to deal with every change in environment, and contributing to society.

It is our goal to use energy to create a beautiful, inhabitable Earth.

To achieve that objective, which is equally important to all mankind, we at ITO Corporation strive to maximise the potential of numerous award-winning R&D capabilities, as well as our outstanding production technology, which has seen ITO Corporation designated as a business approved by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry and awarded ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certification, to better allow us to produce environmentally-friendly, high-quality, low-cost products.

ITO Corporation boasts a people-centered business structure that strikes a balance between respect for the individual and effective use of human resources, and, through all-inclusive management, we continue to work towards keeping ITO Corporation a good company that employees can be proud of. Indeed, we at ITO Corporation continue to march hand in hand towards a better tomorrow.
CEO Jiro Utsumi
President Niro Utsumi